When we started The Pickleball, we wanted to give up to date and educational information about the game of pickleball. Things that you can trust. So, we created an editorial process unlike anything in the pickleball world.

Subject Matter Experts

Our writers are notable voices in the pickleball space and a diverse background from sports broadcasting, to magazines to marketing and even professional players. We are very selective with WHO we work with as writers so it translates to a positive read for you, the consumer.

Editorial Team

Each time a review is made or a blog post is written, our team and review board starts to get to work reviewing the piece. We send the piece to someone who has direct experience in that particular topic then we have the entire team review it before going live.

If improvements are recommended, they are shared with everyone on the editorial team to be updated immediately. We are also always looking at past content that was written and will update it to reflect the many changes happening in the pickleball arena.

Fact Checking

Taking it a step further, we also have a fact checking team that overlays with our Editorial Team to ensure that any links or facts given in each post are rigorously cross checked for accuracy. You can’t just rely on Wikipedia. We reference multiple reputable sources and even contact sources by phone or email to make sure that we are 100% accurate.

Have Feedback?

We love to hear from people interacting with our website. Feel free to drop us a line at contact@tothepickleball.com