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Discover the Top 5 Pickleball World Records That Will Amaze You

Top 5 Pickleball World Records:

1. Longest pickleball marathon: The longest pickleball marathon lasted for 24 hours and was achieved by the team of Brian Ashworth, Kyle Klein, and Jeremy Jacobsen in Utah, USA on July 9, 2017.
2. Most consecutive pickleball volleys: The most consecutive pickleball volleys in doubles play is 2,023, achieved by the team of Daniel Ho and Paul Lam in Ontario, Canada on July 15, 2017.
3. Fastest pickleball serve: The fastest pickleball serve recorded is 141 km/h (87.6 mph), achieved by Tyson McGuffin in 2018.
4. Longest pickleball rally: The longest rally lasted for 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 47 seconds and was achieved by the team of Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner in Arizona, USA on October 22, 2017.
5. Oldest pickleball player to win a national championship: The oldest pickleball player to win a national championship is Viola Cruz, who won the USAPA National Championship in the 80+ women’s doubles category at the age of 87.

These world records show the incredible skill and dedication of pickleball players around the world. From endurance to speed, these athletes push the boundaries of what is possible on the court.

Longest pickleball marathon

Achieving the world record for the longest pickleball marathon requires an immense amount of physical and mental endurance. To prepare for the marathon, the team of Brian Ashworth, Kyle Klein, and Jeremy Jacobsen spent months training and practicing their pickleball skills. They also focused on maintaining their energy levels throughout the 24 hours by eating nutritious snacks and staying hydrated. If you’re looking to break this world record, it’s important to focus on your endurance and stamina through regular practice, proper nutrition, and hydration.

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Most consecutive pickleball volleys

The world record for the most consecutive pickleball volleys is all about precision and consistency. The team of Daniel Ho and Paul Lam spent countless hours practicing their pickleball skills and perfecting their volleys. They also focused on communication and teamwork to ensure that they were always in sync. If you’re looking to break this world record, it’s important to practice your volleys regularly and work on communication and teamwork with your partner.

Fastest pickleball serve

The world record for the fastest pickleball serve requires a combination of power, accuracy, and technique. Tyson McGuffin, who set the record in 2018, credits his success to his training regimen, which included a focus on building strength and improving his serve technique. If you’re looking to break this world record, it’s important to focus on building strength and developing a strong serve technique through regular practice and coaching.

Longest pickleball rally

The world record for the longest pickleball rally requires incredible patience, focus, and skill. The team of Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner, who set the record in 2017, were able to keep the rally going for over an hour through their precise shot-making and strategic play. To break this record, it’s important to focus on developing your shot-making skills and maintaining your focus and patience during long rallies.

Oldest pickleball player to win a national championship

Viola Cruz’s world record as the oldest pickleball player to win a national championship is a testament to the fact that age is just a number. Cruz, who won the USAPA National Championship at the age of 87, is proof that anyone can enjoy and excel at pickleball regardless of their age. If you’re looking to continue playing pickleball into your golden years, it’s important to focus on maintaining your physical health through regular exercise and proper nutrition, as well as staying active and involved in the sport.

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History of Pickleball

Pickleball has come a long way since its invention in 1965. Originally created as a family-friendly backyard game, it has evolved into a competitive sport with a growing international following. Today, the sport is played by millions of people worldwide, with professional players competing in high-profile tournaments and championships. The sport’s popularity is due in part to its accessibility and versatility, as it can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, pickleball offers a fun and challenging way to stay active and engage with others.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

If you’re new to pickleball, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the rules and techniques. But don’t worry – with a little practice and patience, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time. Here’s a beginner’s guide to pickleball to help you get started:

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It’s played on a court that’s roughly the size of a doubles badminton court, with a net that’s slightly lower than a tennis net.


To play pickleball, you’ll need a paddle and a ball. Pickleball paddles are made of different materials, including wood, composite, and graphite. Balls come in different colors, with yellow and white being the most common. It’s also recommended to wear proper athletic shoes and clothing.

Basic Rules

The game starts with a serve, and each player must let the ball bounce once before hitting it. After the serve, the ball can be volleyed or hit on the bounce. Points are scored when the opposing player fails to return the ball, hits it out of bounds, or commits a fault.

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The two basic shots in pickleball are the forehand and the backhand. To hit a forehand, start with your paddle in front of your body, and swing it forward while stepping toward the ball. For a backhand, turn your body sideways and swing the paddle across your body.


Pickleball is a game of strategy, not just power. Use your shots strategically to move your opponent around the court, and look for opportunities to hit winners. Practice your footwork to be able to cover the court efficiently.

Practice and Training

To improve your game, it’s important to practice regularly and seek out training opportunities. Look for local clubs or classes in your area, or find instructional videos online. Practicing with more experienced players can also help you improve your skills.


Pickleball is a social sport, so it’s important to follow proper etiquette on the court. Always respect your opponents and teammates, and follow the rules of the game. Be aware of other players on nearby courts, and avoid disrupting their games.

With the right equipment, technique, and training, you can become a skilled pickleball player in no time. Remember to have fun and stay focused on improving your game.


The article discusses various world records in pickleball, including the longest pickleball marathon, most consecutive pickleball volleys, fastest pickleball serve, longest pickleball rally, and the oldest pickleball player to win a national championship. It also provides a brief history of pickleball and tips and tricks for new players, including equipment, basic rules, techniques, strategy, practice and training, and etiquette. The article emphasizes the importance of regular practice, proper nutrition, hydration, communication, and teamwork to excel in pickleball.


The Guinness World Record for pickleball varies depending on the category, such as the longest marathon, the most consecutive volleys, the fastest serve, etc. Each category has a different record holder and criteria.

According to the Guinness World Records, the longest pickleball rally was achieved by Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner, who played continuously for 4 hours, 10 minutes, and 10 seconds on August 20, 2017.

It is difficult to determine who the best pickleball player is, as the sport has a growing number of skilled players worldwide. However, some of the top-ranked professional players in the world include Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, Simone Jardim, and Kyle Yates.

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