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The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of Your Pickleball Game

Are you tired of constantly being on the defensive during pickleball games? Do you want to take control of the game and make your opponents hit tough shots? Look no further! Here are some tips from a pro that will help you turn the tables on your opponents and make them hit difficult shots.

Understand Your Opponent’s Style

The first step in making your opponents hit tough shots is to understand their playing style. Are they aggressive or defensive? Do they prefer to play at the net or the baseline? Knowing your opponent’s style will help you anticipate their shots and prepare accordingly.

n a recent tournament, a player named Sarah faced an opponent who was known for her aggressive style of play. Sarah had seen her play before, and she knew that her opponent liked to hit hard shots and play at the net. So, Sarah decided to adopt a more defensive style and played more shots towards the baseline. This allowed her to keep her opponent at bay and forced her to make more errors, ultimately leading to Sarah’s victory.

Keep the Ball Low

One way to make your opponents hit tough shots is to keep the ball low. By hitting low shots, you force your opponent to bend down and hit the ball from a lower position. This can be especially effective against opponents who prefer to play at the net.

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A player named Tom was playing against a skilled opponent who was known for his strong net play. Tom knew that hitting high shots would give his opponent the advantage, so he kept the ball low and focused on hitting accurate shots towards the opponent’s feet. This strategy worked well, as his opponent struggled to return the low shots and eventually lost the match.

Hit to the Opposite Side

Another way to make your opponents hit tough shots is to hit the ball to the opposite side of the court. This forces your opponent to move quickly and hit the ball from an awkward angle. It also opens up the court for you to take advantage of.

During a doubles match, a team named John and Lisa were playing against a pair who was known for their excellent teamwork and quick movement. John and Lisa knew that hitting the ball to the same side repeatedly would make it easier for their opponents to anticipate their shots. So, they started hitting the ball to the opposite side of the court, forcing their opponents to run and hit the ball from awkward angles. This strategy helped John and Lisa win the match.

Mix Up Your Shots

To keep your opponents guessing, it’s important to mix up your shots. This means using a variety of shots such as dinks, lobs, and drives. By mixing up your shots, you can keep your opponents off-balance and make them hit difficult shots.

A player named Mike was playing against an opponent who was known for his strong defense and ability to return almost any shot. Mike knew that relying on a single shot or playing a predictable game would not work against such an opponent. So, he started mixing up his shots, using a variety of shots such as dinks, lobs, and drives. This strategy confused his opponent and ultimately led to Mike’s victory.

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Staying Calm on the Pickleball Court: Tips for Improving Your Game STAY CALM AND CONFIDENT

Finally, it’s important to stay calm and confident on the court. Even if your opponent hits a tough shot, don’t panic. Instead, stay focused and confident in your abilities. Remember, the more calm and confident you are, the more likely you are to make your opponent hit tough shots.

In a high-pressure match, a player named Alex found himself down by several points in the final set. However, instead of panicking, Alex remained calm and focused on his game. He continued to play each shot with confidence, even when his opponent hit difficult shots. This helped him turn the tide of the game and ultimately led to his victory.


These examples demonstrate how each tip can work in real-life situations and help you take control of the game. Incorporating these tips into your gameplay can help you stay ahead of your opponents and increase your chances of winning matches.


By understanding your opponent’s style, keeping the ball low, hitting to the opposite side, mixing up your shots, and staying calm and confident, you can make your opponents hit tough shots and take control of the game. So, next time you’re on the court, put these tips into practice and watch your opponents struggle to keep up. Additionally read Three Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Self-Confidence.


No, these strategies can be effective against opponents of all skill levels. Even the best players can be challenged by well-placed shots and unexpected changes in pace or direction. However, it’s important to remember that every opponent is different, and what works against one player may not work against another.

No, there are no guarantees in sports, and pickleball is no exception. However, incorporating these strategies into your game can improve your chances of success and make it more difficult for your opponents to score points. Ultimately, the key to winning in pickleball is a combination of skill, strategy, and mental toughness.

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